Homemade Fresh Spicy Cheese!

2 cheese_052

What will we do?

Do you know how many liters of milk are needed to produce a kilo of cheese?

You will learn in detail about homemade fresh Spicy Cheese within two hours. This is a totally hands on experience to enjoy as a solo, couple or family.

We will be using simple ingredients which are found on a supermarket such as milk and salt. There is an additional ingredient not so common on supermarkets but essential to do Cheese Magic – The Rennet – Do not worry, it is quite easy to get it.

Besides making cheese you are going to learn how to make family spicy sauce, that is needed it for the essential for this recipe.

We will cook with a small group; enjoy this extraordinary cheese that we have just made with flat bread and butter.

What will I include?

  • 1 small Cheese

  • bread

  • coffee or tea

Who can come?

Guest over 10 years old

How long?

Duration 2.5 Hours