Chouquettes and Choux

a French Pastry

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What we’ll do

French pastry is very known around the world and we can find many beautiful and delicious boutiques in France just proposing pastry. This experience will be based on “choux” dough, where “chouquettes” are made of. Did you know that behind “choux” dough a history of a very famous duchesse is hidden? did you know that french marriage cake “piece montée” is also based on this famous dough? We'll bake in small group, and have tea as we enjoy the pastries! This is a wonderful luxury experience in Paris and a must try French dessert! You will be immersed in the world of “choux” dough; by the end of the workshop, the technique for making chouquettes will no longer hold any secrets for you.


What I’ll provide?

  • Chouquettes and Choux

  • Coffee or tea 

Who can come?

Guests of all ages can participate


How long?

Duration 2 Hours