★ Arepa ★ Venezuelan classical dish

We are delighted to welcome you into our table to experience a marvelous taste of Venezuela!

Venezuela has a large and diverse regional cooking that has its own regional cuisine, nevertheless, there is one thing that distinguishes us, is our main bread that we call “Arepa” being made from precooked or raw cornflour (gluten free).

We invite you to have a look at our very first menu and if you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our bests, Gaby and Krlos #Atenteaute #team

✦On the Menu✦


Banana Chips with white cheese or Tequeños (cheese fingers) or Mandoca (deep fried cornmeal/plantain ring)


2 Arepas (based on cornflour – gluten free),

Dough flavour to be chosen (please choose two per serving/service):

Plain white (oats) – Red beet (beetroot) – Orange (carrot)


Filling ( please choose two filling per serving/service) :

Reina Pepiada: avocado, chicken and mayonnaise – Domino: white cheese and black beans – Pabellon: black beans, white cheese, yellow plantain and shredded meat – Perico: scramble eggs with onions and tomato

*please note that Venezuelan meal are not spicy or hot

*** DESSERTS ***

Quesillo (similar to custard) or Bienmesabe (typical venezuelan dessert based on coconut milk) or Dulce de Lechosa (Papaya dessert)

– Please check availability

*** DRINKS ***

Papelón juice (based on lemon and raw cane syrup) Coffee or tea Shot of venezuelan rhum

*** Buen Provecho ***

– Enjoy your meal PS: just one entrance and dessert can be chosen.