Ohlala Macarons!

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What we’ll do?

If there is one French pastry that is the envy of the entire world, and which everybody dreams of being able to make, then it must be Macarons. You will learn to make this legendary small, round, almond meringue pastry. Macarons are delicate with a crisp shell and a soft interior, and perfect for any occasion. We'll bake in small group and have tea as we enjoy the pastries. You'll learn the subtle art of making this dessert from only ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites. Discover a wonderful luxury experience in Paris along with its iconic sweet

What I’ll provide?

  • Macarons 

  • Sparkling wine, coffee or tea 

Who can come?

Guests over 10 years old can attend​


How long?

Duration 2.5 Hours