ONLINE - Homemade Fresh Cheese

What we’ll do

Do you know how many liters of milk are needed to produce a kilo of cheese?

You will learn in detail about homemade fresh Cheese within two hours. This is a totally hands on experience to enjoy as a solo, couple or family.

We will be using simple ingredients which are found on a supermarket such as milk and salt. There is an additional ingredient not so common on supermarkets but essential to do Cheese Magic – The Rennet – Do not worry, it is quite easy to get it.

What to bring?

  • Ingredients: milk, salt and rennet

  • Utensils: scale, large bowl, saucepan, wooden spatula, thermometer, timer, ladle, strainer and filter cloth (or a container with holes to mold)

Who can come?

Guests overs 10 years old.

How long?

Duration 2 Hours