ONLINE Kids - Chouquettes a French Pastry

What we’ll do

French pastry is very known around the world and we can find many beautiful and delicious boutiques in France just proposing pastry.

This experience will be based on “choux” dough, where “chouquettes” are made of.


Did you know that behind “choux” dough a history of a very famous duchesse is hidden? did you know that french marriage cake “piece montée” is also based on this famous dough?


Share this special moment with your child with a four hands class. 

What to bring?

  • Ingredients: eggs, all-purpose flour, water, milk (dairy or non-dairy), unsalted butter & pearl sugar (as a substitute you may use candy sugar based topping) 

  • Utensils: scale, large bowl, saucepan, wooden spatula, parchment paper or silicon baking mat, 2 spoons, one oven tray & oven (conventional or without convection; microwave would not do the work sorry).

  • Colors and paper

Who can come?

Guests overs 6 years old.

How long?

Duration 1 Hours