Crepes Baking Class - GIFT

Crepes Baking Class - GIFT


We are delighted to welcome you to our table to experience a marvelous taste of Brittany, France. This is a must-do in Paris and definitely an off the beaten track experience! French cuisine is extremely famous for it's marvelous taste and taste array of dishes. One famous French dish to try in Paris is the Galette de Sarrasin - also known as a crêpe. In Brittany there is a distinction between the famous French dessert and galette- it's savoury counterpart. What is the difference between a galette and a crepe? I hear you ask...Well, a galette is made out of blé noir (buckwheat flour), whereas the sweet crepe is made out of plain flour. I will show you how to make real crepes and share a nice time together.

  • What we'll provide?

    • Crêpe and Galette done by yourself
    • Cider, Coffee or tea
    • Tools & Apron will be borrow during the experience
  • Terms and Conditions

    The gift card is valid for one year, non-renewable, as of their date of issue. Reservations may be made either on the issue date of the gift card or at a later date by the gift card recipient